Mission Statement

My vision is to offer all children, everywhere, the opportunity to become literate in English.  English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Literacy in English enables young people from diverse cultures and ethnicities to communicate. It therefore allows young people to fully participate in the world with the autonomy and freedom that is their undeniable right.

To fulfill this mission, Learn to Read George Canine is a free download to be enjoyed by all. Led by the loveable beagle, George Canine, the teaching method is sourced from the most current, evidence-based research. The aim is to integrate a ‘phonics first’ approach into literacy games and stories so that children are motivated to engage in the lessons. In so doing, they will develop a transformative love for reading and writing in English. The open opportunity for children to become literate in English is both the least and the most that we can do for the world.